Product Designer (UI/UX Designer)

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Make a big impact!

As the lead product designer for TXST Mobile and other web applications, you’ll take full ownership of your work and responsibility for every detail with support from your project teams. You’ll help simplify and personalize the student mobile experience at Texas State, and rapidly prototype design solutions that help 40,000+ students.

Who You Are


Even though you have a strong design foundation, you are constantly honing your instinct and skills through iterative design and testing.


You can organize and present information effectively and persuasively. Your designs are clean and easily understood.


You have the interpersonal communication skills to collaborate with multi-disciplinary team members and stakeholders with differing personalities and backgrounds to quickly define requirements and negotiate solutions.


Giving and receiving feedback is a big part of application development. You are comfortable with accepting and providing critiques.


You are excited about working in a fast-paced, prototype-driven environment where continuous user feedback and iteration are viewed as design strengths that allow us to deliver more than one large project at a time.


You are thoughtful about the technical, organizational, and resource limitations factoring into every decision.

Who We Are


We are a development team that believes the user's experience is more important than the developers. We don't build interfaces just to match a data model we find convenient. We value the input of UX specialists and give them primary responsibility to ensure applications are easy to understand and fun to use.


Quality assurance is everyone's responsibility. Our project coordinators and application admins take point on ensuring software is ready for release with the help of developer-driven automated tests and your functional design reviews.


We seek and encourage professional development. We’ll provide you with resources and support opportunities to continuously grow in our team.


We treat everyone in our team like adults. We support remote workdays, flexible work hours, and encourage you to take daily wellness and regular time off to recharge and reset. 

University Perks

  •   100% health insurance coverage for employees and 50% coverage for dependents.
  •   Ample paid time off - from vacation to holidays, sick days, and more.
  •   Mother and family planning resources.
  •   Free exercise and nutrition classes.
  •   Structured learning resources, certifications, and educational support programs.
  •   An inclusive Bobcat community.
  •   TRS pension, retirement plans, and voluntary saving options with generous employer contributions.
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What You'll Be Doing

  • Guiding small, cross-functional teams in creating and delivering clear, focused user experiences.
  • Performing user research to understand user needs beyond the basics of what students say they want.
  • Sketching out concepts to test with the developers, product owners, and application admins.
  • Prototyping key functionality when initial user testing is complete and feedback is well understood.
  • Working closely with project coordinators as we roll out improvements so we can refine our work as the application gets real-world use.


Tell us how your skills and experience meet the position requirements. Expand on each requirement in your application so we get the chance to discover even more in an interview. You must tell us how you meet all the required skills to be eligible for an interview.

Required Skills

  • Online portfolio demonstrating user-centered UX/UI responsive design skills, and clear web development concepts. 
  • Solid understanding of designing for the web, including its limitations and challenges. Ability to provide fully responsive, accessible, mobile-first designs for a diverse user base.
  • Understanding of UX design, how it differs from UI design, and the ability to apply best-practice design skills to create wireframes and interactive prototypes. 
  • Proficiency with design tools and techniques, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity Designer or Sketch. 
  • 1 or more years’ experience with user interaction design tools, such as Adobe XD,, Axure, Figma, or similar tools. 
  • Ability to build relationships, research and define user/client needs and produce effective design solutions. 
  • Ability to work closely with developers and provide any assets or detailed design documents necessary to implement the designs. 
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Ability to work effectively with limited supervision.  Self-motivated with excellent organizational skills and an eye for detail.
  • Ability to prioritize simultaneous assignments and manage personal projects to meet requirements and deadlines. 
  • 1 or more years’ experience working with a creative team developing for the web, mobile, and responsive websites. 

Preferred Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design with an Interaction/Interface/New Media focus, Interaction Design, or similar degree. 
  • Experience with native mobile app design.
  • Experience working in a professional creative team environment developing for web, mobile and responsive websites. 
  • Experience designing and directing user experience activities, gathering and acting upon user feedback via survey, focus group, A/B testing, free observation, guided activity sessions. 
  • Proficiency using HTML/CSS/JS to effectively communicate interaction & design concepts. 
  • Experience with InDesign print media production and an understanding of the importance of maintaining consistency across all media to build brand and message awareness. 
  • Experience working in a large organization or higher education institution. 
  • Experience working directly with an application development team. 
  • Ability to work on a team with diverse skills and backgrounds. Ability to create consensus, take direction, make compromises when necessary. 

Let's Talk

We know things can get in the way of you applying. Imposter syndrome is real, and the confidence gap can prevent us from meeting the perfect candidate. Don't let this stop you from telling us how your unique experience and personal perspective reflect the required and preferred skills we are looking for. We can't wait to hear from you!