Evaluation Timeline and Events

This timeline represents the events that occurred during the evaluation period for the new learning management system.

Now that Canvas has been selected, you may view the timeline for adoption and other information about the transition on the TXST Canvas service web page.

Evaluation period milestones



  • VPIT recommends LMS candidate to TSUS Board of Regents
  • TSUS Board of Regents approval


  • May 10:

    • Brightspace and Canvas pilot programs close.
    • Faculty and students in the pilot courses are surveyed about their experiences.
  • May 15

    • The LMS Replacement Project team provides a report of the evaluation results to the LMS Advisory Committee.
    • The LMS Advisory Committee examines the report and makes a recommendation to Mr. Ken Pierce, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO (VPIT), and Dr. Gene Bourgeois, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA).  
  • May 17

    • Mr. Pierce and Dr. Bourgeois will review the project team report and the advisory committee’s recommendation. If in agreement, solution providers will be notified of the decision by IT Business Operations and the contract process will begin.  
  • May 22

    • Choice of Canvas announced to the university via a campus-wide email.

April - May 2019

  • Faculty, staff, and student "Sandbox" surveys collected

October 15, 2018 - March 30, 2019

  • Brightspace and Canvas sandbox access for faculty, staff and students.


August - December

  • Development and Integration evaluation
  • Faculty “Sandbox” evaluation
  • Accessibility evaluation
  • Security evaluation
  • Prepare pilot production environment
  • Clumping and clustering of project site use cases

June – July

  •     Pilot contract review
  •     VPIT approves pilot contracts
  •     Finalists establish evaluation environments 

April - May

  •     LMS Advisory Committee recommends pilot finalists
  •     VPIT announces pilot finalists


January - February



  • Evaluate vendor responses (completed)


  • RFP posted for vendors (completed)



  • Overview presentations to Council of Deans and Faculty Senate (completed)